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Online visits


Have you thought about what it would be like to discover the corners of a city in the comfort of your home?

Have you ever planned a trip without knowing your destination and your stay was very different than expected?

We take Coimbra to your home, so you can enjoy the charm of the university city and of love!

To make your experience perfect, we have created itineraries that you can choose from!

Gastronomic Route

Come and discover typical Coimbra taverns and discover the best places to cozy up your stomach.
The tascas are typical places and canvases of the local culture, their own smells and regional gastronomy, it is where you find the local people who tell stories of a distant and popular past.

After a visit to the most emblematic taverns in Coimbra, nothing is better than tasting a typical sweet.

We show you the history and emblematic places where you can find these typical delicacies.

Academic traditions

Spaces that have housed academic life since the 14th century, the Republics were built at the behest of King D. Dinis, so that students could stay in a residence near the University.

Despite being housing sites, these Republics hide a range of traditions and assume an important role in the country’s political history.

Two centennial celebrations that determine the beginning and end of the academic cycle of students at the University of Coimbra.

Come and discover the secrets of this tradition with us.

Dark tourism

Although Coimbra is the city of students and lovers, it also has a dark past around the corner. A little explored theme and hidden in the shadows of “Cabra”.

For more information contact us!